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TOPIC:  Ham Bone…Dawg Bone

Posted: 4/12/2011, 7:22 p.m. EDTDoggie


Mom gave me a ham bone after dinner.  Actually it was more than just a bone, it had a good amount of ham on it.  I sold the cat about $10 bucks worth of meat and chowed down on the rest.  The bone was added to my bone inventory after being properly being affixed with a bar code and RF ID tag.

Puppy Paws

TOPIC:  Car ride…

Posted: 4/12/2011, 5:48 a.m. EDT


I get to ride in the car today.  I usually take the opportunity to bark at squirrels, cats, little kids, leaves blowing across the road, etc.  It's a good way to pass the time.  I think some dawgs sleep when they take a car ride, but that's just stupid.  You should see our cat take a car ride.  It always thinks it's being taken to cat prison.  Cats are stupid.


Dawg Breath

Top Engineer's Terms and Expressions (What they say versus what they mean)...Nerd


Rugged.  (Don't plan to lift it without major equipment.)


Robust!  (Rugged, but more so)


Light weight.  (Slightly lighter than rugged)


Energy saving.  (Achieved when the power switch is off. )


I didn't get your e-mail. (I haven't checked my e-mail for days.


Fun Facts To Know And Yell

... The Earth is Round? ...


in the Cherokee nation, people believed that mud rose from under the waters

and formed an island with four corners - the earth.

The sun went underneath the island at night, and rose again the next day.

That's right isn't it?



Caroline Rhea
is 47 today
April 13, 1964

Canadian stand-up comedienne and actress
Original host of "The Biggest Loser"
Hilda Spellman on ”Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Caroline Rhea

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"Could crop-circles be the work of a cereal killer?"

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