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    Friday, December 4th, 2009 is Wear Brown Shoes Day   

Big Brown Shoes



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The Man And The Dog


There is an OLD story about the data center of the future.


This data center runs 24/7 with only a man and a dog.

Hoppy Dog

The man's job is to feed the dog.


The dog's job is to make sure the man does not touch the computer.

Fun Facts To Know And Yell

Merry Christmas...


Americans send about 2 billion Christmas cards every year.




Jeff Bridges

is 60 today

December 4, 1949


American actor and musician

The Last Picture Show, Tron, Against All Odds, Starman,

The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Fisher King, Fearless,

The Big Lebowski, The Contender, Iron Man

Jeff Bridges


    Skippy Says   

"No animal should ever jump up on the dining room furniture unless absolutely certain

that he can hold his own in the conversation"

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