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    Saturday, December 26th, 2009 is National Whiner's Day    


A day dedicated to Whiner's, especially those who

return Christmas gifts and need lots of attention.



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One day after Christmas...


Itís one day after Christmas

Iím crabby and Iím broke.

Iím so full of ham and fruitcake

I think Iím gonna croak.


Itís nice to see the relatives

I wonder when theyíll leave.

Theyíve been camping in my bathroom

since early Christmas Eve.


Theyíre eating everything in sight

and sleeping in my bed.

I been sacked out in the basement

with my beagle, Fred.


The relatives have all gone out

and left their screaming brats.

The toilet bowl is all plugged up

and I canít find the cat.


Itís Christmas time at my house,

the relatives are here.

They eat me out of house and home.

and drink up all my beer.


Those cookie crunchers fed the dog

a twenty pound rib roast.

His feet are sticking in the air

like skinny old fence posts.


Now theyíre in a free-for-all,

the girls against the boys.

Theyíre fighting over boxes

ícause theyíre bored with all their toys


My mother-in-law is snoring

in my favorite TV chair.

Those kids are stringing lights on her

and tinseling her hair

Fun Facts To Know And Yell

The difference between snow, snow flurries, and snow showers...


Snow:  This refers to the white, cold, flakey stuff itself. It does not describe any particular manifestation thereof.


Snow Flurry:  Light, intermittent snowfall without any significant accumulation of snow on the ground.


Snow Shower:  A short duration of light to moderate snowfall.  Snow showers are characterized by their sudden beginnings and endings -- they're finite.  They usually leave snow on the ground, but not always.  Also, snow showers come from cumuliform clouds, as opposed to stratiform clouds.


Also...a Snow Squall is a heavy snow shower accompanied by strong winds.  Snow fall is the measure (in inches) of snow depth over a given area in a six-hour period.




Lars Ulrich

is 46 today

December 26, 1963


Danish drummer

One of the founders of the heavy metal band Metallica.

Lars Ulrich


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"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.

You have to catch it yourself."

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